Chick'n A Box: Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival 2020

Who’s on everybody’s lips? Phoebe Chicken and Piggly Chips!

Phoebe Chicken and Piggly Chips are the beloved mascots of the family friendly Chick’n a Box fast food chain. In malls across the country, these happy animals dance and sing about kindness to all living things. But for the exhausted performers backstage, it’s not all free-range farms and happy chickens.

Frustrated with each other, with the repetitive nature of their work and the realisation they are selling a lie, Phoebe and Piggly are ready to explode and in the middle of their saccharine sweet children’s show, all hell breaks loose.

Chick’n A Box is a comedy that reminds us that in a world where we are constantly urged to consume, a little empathy can make a big difference to our appetite for life and that talk is cheep so sometimes even a chicken has to take a stand.

Written and performed by Phil Ormsby and Alex Ellis and directed by Simon Coleman.

Who’s on everybody’s lips? Phoebe Chicken and Piggly Chips!

Event times

The Meteor

1 Victoria Street

Hamilton 3204
New Zealand

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