Level Up: Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival 2020

A captivating, interactive family experience!

You are invited to take part in the premiere of the latest in Augmented Reality* experiences: Level Up! A truly immersive adventure, embark on a journey that’ll take you throughout the multiverse!

But be warned; we’re still working out some of the bugs, so not everything is going to work like it’s supposed to…

Experience the gardens like you never have before, as this lively, interactive family experience takes you through different spaces, times, and situations. Imagine a computer game without a computer, augmented reality without the reality. The perfect show for a family festival experience, this will delight all ages.

Please note this show includes walking between different gardens.

*May or may not include augmented reality.

Event times

Hamilton Gardens

Hungerford Crescent, SH1 (Off Cobham Drive), Hamilton

New Zealand

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