Nadia Reid & Her Band: Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival 2020

One of New Zealand’s most evocative and profound songwriters.

The rugged beaches and mountains of Aotearoa. The Port Chalmers Harbour of her home. The roaming, open terriority of the road.

Nadia Reid has claimed her place as one of New Zealand’s most evocative singer-songwriters, with her unique voice and accompanying soundscapes acting as “an understated, wise guide through uncertain territory” (The Guardian) and conjuring images of places yet to be explored.

She is joined for this special performance in the beautiful landscape of the Hamilton Gardens by her band Sam Taylor, Richard Pickard, Joe McCallum and Anita Clark.

“When I hear a young artist making an album as soulful and rich and self-possessed [as this] I feel so thrilled not only for the existence of that record but for all the music they will make over all the years to come.”

— The Guardian

Event times

Hamilton Gardens

Hungerford Crescent, SH1 (Off Cobham Drive), Hamilton

New Zealand

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