Remote: Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival 2020

Remote, created by Annabel Alpers (Bachelorette), one of New Zealand's finest exponents of electronic music, and Baltimorean drummer / audio technician Adam Cooke, is a fully immersive, multi-speaker, sonic experience which combines electronica, pop, and sampled field recordings to dazzling effect. Unlike a traditional performance, the audience are central in the space, encircled by speakers, with the performers hidden behind masks for much of the performance. It is an experience like no other as Alpers translates New Zealand's rugged terrain and ragged coastline into a recognisable musical language, all carried along by Cooke's hypnotic backbeat. This is the soundtrack to the place we know, packaged up into one spellbinding, cutting-edge feast for the senses.

PG 13 

Location: Picturesque Garden 

Event times

Hamilton Gardens

Hungerford Crescent, SH1 (Off Cobham Drive), Hamilton

New Zealand

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